New Technology Installs

Install new equipment fast - usually within 24 hours or less

It is usually not realistic for your in-house I.T. Department to deploy hundreds or thousands of new monitors or other technology items. With their regular duties a large scale deployment of technology can easily go beyond the scope of what they can handle. This is where Unio Tech Solutions comes in. As a temporary extension of your I.T. Department we can bring in the additional staff needed to unbox, set-up and mount all kinds of new technology. 

Monitor & Cable Tray Installations

It is common for companies to add new monitors, cable trays and other workstation accessories to refresh and clear the space for staff to work more efficiently. Unio Tech Solutions has installed thousands of monitors onto arms and other accessories for corporate clients all over the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal is always picture perfect cable management so that workstations look professional, tidy and aesthetic.

Deployments of Hardware

New Deployments of HardwareNew equipment installations can be stressful if you don’t have a team in place to oversee and execute your hardware refresh. Whether it is new telephones, monitors, keyboards & mice, monitor arms, docking stations or laptops, contact us and we’ll take care of all your new equipment deployments for your team. We unbox and set-up your new equipment usually same day. Unio Tech will also dispose of all the garbage as well.