Server Room & Cabling Services

we love picture perfect cables

In order for your company to function at full speed it is important to ensure that your server rooms and data cables throughout your workspace are organized and tidy. Should a problem arise within your network, well-structured cabling will make it easier to pinpoint where the issue originates from and fix it quickly. If you are moving, require new access points, are in need of cable clean-up or are decommissioning an entire server room, please contact us for a quote. 

Server Room Services

Your server is often the most business critical technology you have and it is especially vulnerable to damage during a move. We keep it safe with careful and organized un-racking and re-racking. Unio Tech Solutions can also do labelling, port mapping and testing and turn a tangled mess into picture perfect cables.  We routinely fix the work of other installers so it is cheaper for you to call us first.

Cabling Services

Cabling ServicesNetworking and data cabling are vitally important to the capacity and speed of your business.  We work with business owners, communication engineers, I.T. managers, construction contractors and project managers to ensure that you have all the data drops you’ll need for all of your workstations to function optimally. All cables are professionally tested. Our data drops are done cleanly and in sufficient quantity to meet the current and ongoing needs of your business.